Single Parent Counselling

A parent, either the father or the mother who takes care of the family all by oneself is a single parent.

The untimely demise of spouse, a broken marriage or an individual opting to live out of wedlock may result in a person taking charge of the family entirely. Growing intolerance between parents in a family is also seen as one of the major reasons for divorces today. Sometimes unsolicited advices and interferences from the elders or close friends may also severe a relationship.

Now, when it is all been set to sail alone, a parent has many challenges to face than expected.

The absence of spouse may be overwhelming. Coping up with it is necessary to start up the new phase in life. Taking additional responsibilities and assuming dual roles are need of the hour. This will help in giving a smooth transition for the children and the family so that they will not feel any distraction in their daily life. The main focus is essentially on the children, because when giving up on a person, you are not alone. You are also expecting your child to give up.

Life as a single parent may also mean, change in place, job, etc. Coping up with it along with the emotional challenges may be stressful at times. Having a long-lasting career can help build self-esteem and give a sound financial support to overcome the loss in the family.

Our society is still prejudiced on single parents and battling this may not be necessary. Giving priority to raising and nurturing children can be given more attention. Like, communicating efficiently with them, spending quality time, taking care of their health, arranging a care-taker in your absence and educating them well enough to secure a bright future. This may help increase the bonding in the family in turn giving the emotional support to forge ahead.

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