Gambling Counselling

Gambling is to risk your valuables for higher returns in a game. The outcome of these games, most of which are indoor board games or machine-based designed particularly for gambling, are not predictable. Gambling started as a risk-free game among friends. Friends gambled in small groups in their leisure time. With man’s growing needs and greed, gambling today finds a place in the highly developed cities of the world- Macau, Lisbon, Las Vegas, New Jersey, etc.

Other than street-side gambling, lottery tickets, casinos, betting on sports and other important results, online gambling –all can be termed as gambling. Addiction sets in when one starts to gamble uncontrollably with less or no regard for the consequences. As with any other addiction, gamblers also refuse to accept their addiction. This mostly starts as a time-pass or a one-time-attempt, so you will not expect it to take over your senses completely. The excitement of winning and losing and winning again encourages taking bigger risks and at a point the risks are bigger than you can handle.

Over a period of time, you may start hiding the truth and lying about gambling to family and friends. Ignoring the financial needs of the family, to save up for gambling, betting money more than you can afford, ignoring work or studies, not heeding to your family’s concern or your conscience are all signs that you have plunged into the darkness of gambling.

The consequences to be faced may be social, financial and also legal. A gambler finds the thrill more worthy than all the money he dumps. The growing risks need larger amounts of money making you lose all the savings. You may need to borrow, mortgage or even steal to feed the excitement. Depleting yourself of the money severs relationships. Compulsive gambling shows you in poor light, so friends will not find you good enough to hang out with.

The one sure way to a peaceful life is to avoid gambling completely. Gambling has no physical effect, unless it is stress-related. So it is relatively easier to untangle yourself. Avoid any type of gambling, place of gambling and people who gamble frequently. Spend quality time with family. Move with friends who are interested in sports or movies. Pick up a long lost hobby or passion. Devote time for anything but don’t stay unoccupied. Most importantly, learn to value money. Money does not come from nowhere. It is hard-earned and cannot go to nowhere. Every penny earned should find it’s worthy owner.

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Aadharsha K

Recently an advertisement are made where unemployed youth are earning through online gambling ( play) and a wife praising her husband etc.... what a stupidity

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