Late Marriage Counselling

Fortunately marriage is still considered as divine, the holy union of a man and woman. Things fall in line, when marriages take place at the right time. The right time may differ for both sexes, but if a person is not committed to a relationship within 30 years of age, it can be called a late marriage, though not necessarily. The right age for marriage, is defined by law, to be 18 for females and 21 for males.

We live in conservative society; where in the entire extended family is involved in deciding a marriage, let alone the first family. Since a marriage is agreed upon many levels, as the horoscope, social status, education, and caste, it is called an alliance. These measures, practically delay marriages. At times, the responsibilities of caring for siblings or an extended family may also be a hindrance.

Weddings have become an extravagant affair. Choosing location, dresses, and accessories and arranging hospitality for the large guests, call for a big deal of financial management. Dowry, still finds a comfortable place in the name of wedding gifts. When they cross exceeding limits, families may retract from alliances.

Though there are many issues with the functioning of the society or the family, late marriages are also a result of today’s youth. The 21 st century is way ahead of the previous times. Both men and women, especially in cities grow independently and start taking care of themselves sooner. They take decisions independent of their parents, including the time for entering wedlock. Parents may not be worried over seeing their children fathering a family, and becoming grandparents themselves alone. There can be many consequences both seen and unseen as well.

In the youthful years, men and women mature as adults. Late marriages beyond age of 30 -35 may result in not being able to adjust to another accompanying individual. With the energy of youth lost, individuals may be more involved within themselves, giving lesser time for spouse. Most importantly, conceiving may become difficult in later years of life.

Late marriages may not always lead to difficulties and stress. But it is always wise to stitch in time to save nine.

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Sri Rajeshwari N

Corona has it's impact on progressing marriage proposal. This saddens the spinsters and bachelors. The society must show the social decency of enquiring qnd advising about the life ahead to be planned. It's to be understood that they are not confirmed bachelors to enjoy the life as a life decision of them.

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