Love Failure Counselling

Being in love is pure bliss. Before committing to each other, there might have been long days and longer nights, trying to see if it was happening within you and if it was happening for real. Or it could have just been a day or a moment of decision- to choose to be together for life-long. Its an amazing feeling, other than butterflies in your stomach, there are a lot of promises for the future too.

When in love, it gives rise to hopes and a lot of positivity. You tend to look at the greener pastures alone. Now with the demise of your lover, there is a complete change over to the other side of life – darkness, grief, sorrow and fear. Grief permeates your body with stress related diseases. The sudden disruption in life brings about imbalance of emotions. Failed sleep and decreased nutrition burdens the body.

Mourn the parting of the soul, dwell in your memories, and be alone, talk to your friends, take a long walk, listen to music or read a book. Do a little few things that your mind might feel light- anything and give way for yourself to pour it out. Be a part of the memorial services, remember, the departed souls need the best farewell.

Sometimes you may be drained of all the energy at a go, but it is no time to be weak. This weakness may let your conscience wander that you will not be able to say the right from the wrong. Do not make any new friends for a little while. It is likely that you can pick up new habits and find a way into addiction of alcohol. It will not mean any immediate harm, but is capable of shutting down your dreams further. Let the days flow in by until you are ready to take control of it.

At a grieving time, put off any important decision. There might be pressure from family to carry out a few things hastily. They are concerned about you, agree, but you might be too weak to be burdened now, take things one at a time or as it happens. Sometimes the words around you may not be soothing. People in general are not interested on how you recover from pain, but mostly on how you live with it. Let it all go past you, as giving heed to others thoughts only betrays your own.

Even with family and friends extending their support, you have to face your stranded alone all by yourself. Life may almost come to a standstill. But pick up yourself and work steadfast. Take good food and ample rest, your dreams are no more but future is still yours.

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The Love is an universal word applicable to all relation but widely perceived for Romance and sex in this society

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