Career And Job Counselling

Its common that youngsters confuse job with career. Just like marriage and wedding, weather and climate, etc. Take time to see the difference. A job is something that, one is doing in the present, with the expectations of monetary returns only. It may or may not be related to his specialisation. In the course of time, he may not be doing it anymore. On the other hand a career, though is salaried, is a sum up of all similar or inter related jobs taken up in one or more organizations over a period of time or life time.

Jobs need not be done full-time or be professional. It can be odd, done part-time, temporary or occasional. It is mainly a source of money or additional income which is of very little use in a resume. A job requires no special training or experience. A career is fostered for years in a similar field or closely related. A career needs academic training and skill set and also proven hands-on-experience for some. When climbing up a career one needs to constantly update his skills and knowledge, looking up for opportunities and become a part of bigger organizations in time.

Jobs give very little opportunity to grow. With mundane days and less challenges, the exposure to real happenings in the industry is very limited. There is no goal set for the future. Any urge to succeed is nullified. With a career plan taking shape, one can meet people of the same kind with better qualifications and experience. Just as we can learn from our elders in the family, the seniors can be looked upon as a source of inspiration and encouragement. Being a part of a knowledgeable and experienced peoples’ network is a blessing for your professional endeavours.

Jobs change as per your needs. Increasing responsibilities in the family or a change in residence may require one to take up different jobs at different times. There are no emotional bonds attached or any progress expected at work. But a career is where the heart and soul is. It takes more than one’s time and energy. When all efforts are put in the right place, sometimes a career can bring about your community’s development too.

Jobs are necessary to make both ends meet, but a career is a must have for an individual. You may not have a highly successful one or may not be able to leave a fortune for your children. But the career path traversed has high returns. An empty mind ready to be filled in the beginning, the experience earned in the course of time and the knowledge shared at the peak of it – every phase of a career can be fulfilling. It simply gives a purpose in life.

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Raja Ganapathy

We, the final year pass out are feeling in a trap. As we hear from seniors that, Campus and Industry gap always predominately force people take decision between Job or career for many of the average students and for the on campus placed students red carpet welcome ends with the Induction training days. Now Industry itself clueless and have reality gap !

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Aadharsha K

Corona 19, made Career and Job a serious concern for a life ! I hate 2020

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