Parent And Child Counselling

Parents are the biological father and mother of a person and also the most closely related to him.

A child needs constant love and attention from parents. This is very essential for bringing up of a good citizen. As a newborn or in troubled adolescent years, a mother’s care and a father’s advices are very essential. Their guidance helps a child to make himself a part of the society and make it his home.

Parents often put themselves in your shoes, which is the best way to know what is happening when you throw unexpected tantrums. They can become your instant buddy or brother. Mothers are the best cooks. A community can be behind the making of a successful chef, but you are a mother’s only thought. There is no other special technique that brings you a platter of rice. A father is your first friend. Fathers easily accept the fact that you are grown and let you help with the furniture or the plumbing even before you are half his height. He lets you learn on your own but under his eyes.

Parents and children have many things in common, beyond their personal traits. In the course of years, love and memories only double up. A mother’s concern over your health, father’s worries on your job and savings are endless. It is so unfortunate that some of us may not have had the opportunity to live with parents. And it is only worse if those who had, kept themselves shut from this relationship.

In any situation, the closest and reliable help is always available at home, from parents. It is not as easy to confide to anybody else. A guardian in the family can take care of a person, but the void is always felt most of the times. Growing up without parents does not allow a child to appreciate the good things of life. When he is under a guardian’s care, there is very less bonding and so he may not regard a relationship and develops no compassion for the people around.

A parent-child relationship is very simple. But at times, maintaining this may be challenging. Sometimes as an adult of the family, a parent may go overboard trying to save his child, age irrespective. Times may differ leading to consequences uncalled for. Happiness lies in just understanding their intentions and forgetting the rest.

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