Corporate Membership

Counseling – A strategic Human Resource Approach

People strategy encompasses with the personal development and enriches the holistic success of human resource.The human resource departments in organizations perform the role of subject matter expert pertaining to career, skills enhancement and develop other professional competencies required to excel. However the modern day organizational challenges thrown at employees go beyond their professional life. The challenges of social pressures and work life balance pressures all add up to the overall pressures of the individuals.Niyamita is a perfect platform for ventilation of such emotional tensions. It helps individuals to face these challenges in a confident way through the counselling services. It will make a world of difference to their personality and leadership. This will be outside your organizational framework and hence employees will get a free and fair environment built on social pillars.Strategic corporate membership with Niyamita an e-bio-psyco-social platform, ensure the confidentiality and make employee comfortable to open up their challenges and discuss the ways and means to overcome them.

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