Online Marriage Counselling

Man, celebrates moments in all walks of life. And a wedding calls for nothing short of a fulfilling and a colourful celebration. The word ‘marriage’ brings to mind happiness alone. On a wedding day, the coming together of two individuals to spend their life forever together is solemnised by the society in large. Traditions have evolved over the years in almost all the communities to make it a memorable event. Some make it an extravagant affair while others opt for a simple one.

However, the day is of less importance, considering the responsibilities a marriage brings in. It takes a lot of adjustments in the initial days of the relationship and expectations could be set aside for the new unfolding days. The couple are meant for life with a simple vow – never to give up on each other. Taking up one day at a time to know each other, understanding the needs, adjusting accordingly and with a little romance, marriages can give way to everlasting relationships.

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