Marriage Unwillingness Counselling

Marriage, a sacred union, is undoubtedly the most important of all relationships. Its importance underlies the fact that weddings are universal, only with differing traditions. Though man has not lost his trust in the institution of marriage, increasing affinity towards leading life as a single and moving alone is on the rise among the upper middle class people.

Economic freedom has given women wings to explore possibilities, which otherwise would be truncated if committed in a marriage. As mothers, women found immense happiness in raising their children and caring for family in general. Taking up a career, which has its own rewards as money and power, has deviated women from home to work.

Girls grow up seeing their mothers and aunts and grandmothers. The women of yesteryears may have had challenging day to day work, with a larger family to care for. But however dynamic they were, their lives revolved only in a small circle within the limits of home. For today’s women, a conventional family set up, with a round the clock commitment and basically no returns, takes a back seat.

Men have become more ambitious and adventurous. Jobs have become more challenging with boosted technology. There is a lot of satisfaction on personal level, considering the monetary rewards. Gone are the days of planning a family, building a safe future for children, of strenuous calculations to save money, and making a home just when you retire. Today, homes are built first and marriages come last.

Other than personal satisfaction in career, family ties and the responsibility to take care of the family may keep the young from marriages. Planning for another family may only mean that it would be even more difficult to make both ends meet. In certain instances, individuals may have experienced a failed love affair. Whatever may the reason be, it may not be easy to forget and get ahead in life, especially for the sensitive ones.

Getting back the trust in a couple’s relationship may be difficult, but not impossible. The institution of marriage has stood the test of Time. It is only fair to accept its magnanimity and render our duty towards mankind.

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When we are not willing for marriage and not much inclined to religious and spiritual, this society looks us differently. Seeing the break in marriage life around us, When we dont want to get in to it... why they are not leaving us with full acceptance and put us at the basket, in which they want.....

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