Husband And Wife Counselling

Man and woman, who enter marriage lawfully, are called husband and wife. The uniqueness of this relationship is that two individuals from different origins commit themselves to a life long journey.

Man is a social animal. He has created a community to live within harmoniously, respecting and protecting each other. Marriage is an essential part of it, so much that he brought it under the law to grace the promise of a man to a woman.

Two individuals promise unto themselves to walk hand in hand through thick and thin. With differing area of expertise, they carry equal responsibilities. As the man of the house, the husband works, earns and provides for his family. Though taking care of home comes naturally for a woman, she also shoulders his responsibilities. Both take care of each other to become the best of friends.

The responsibilities never remain the same over time. As they raise a family, children and their differing needs grow. Alongside they have to take care of their ageing parents and also balance perfectly between the two generations. While they juggle with these many facets of life, conflicts and strain in relationship are bound to rise. It takes a lot of perseverance and a little patience to take this relationship ahead. On a drive, a speed bump cautions one to drive carefully, not to panic or quit.

When the couple themselves age, there is a lot of physical and mental imbalance. But with lesser responsibilities, they might find more time for each other. By now, they would know their partner and accept them inspite of the differences. They complement each other to grow happier.

Shakespeare rightly says, “Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, But bears it out even to the edge of doom.”

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The only relation chosen by us but it determine our rest of the life.

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Sri Rajeshwari N

The relationship which require years to enrich to see the charm of life !

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