Retirement Preparedness Counselling

Withdrawal from one’s job, to cease any regular time scheduled work is retirement. This phase of life comes in the later years of life for most of us.

At old age, man’s experience and knowledge takes him through his ups and downs. But then it is true that, the body cooperates lesser with the mind. It becomes very important to enter retirement with a bit of preparation.

Most importantly, manage your finances well in advance, as the income will reduce substantially. Be sure of an income good enough to take you smoothly through the transition period and also during any emergency that arises. Cut down some expenses if possible. Make yourself clear about any retirement plans at work, if any. Keep track of all the bills to be claimed. Until you are associated with an organisation, your medical expenses will be covered by it. So get an insurance cover for yourself and your family.

At this juncture treat every accolade lightly. On retirement, your colleagues may be only too kind to heap praises, to give away some pleasant memories. Except for a few, your colleagues may not be interested in fostering a future relationship with you. Identify a few from work or neighbourhood or clubs, with whom you would be able to spend some hours regularly. Having some friends to hang out helps you to keep yourself uptodate with the happenings and it also proves good for mind and body alike.

Have a retirement plan on how you would like to spend your day. One can baby sit grandchildren, volunteer for some organisation of interest, get back to farming, etc. After retirement, all of a sudden there will be too many seconds to kill. If you are not kept occupied for a significant part of your day, then it leads to frustration, causing strife at home. Whether working or not, you will remain the same person for family and friends. But it will be unfair to expect them to understand this drastic change in daily routine.

You can take up a job after retirement, if you wish. Especially if socialising is not your cup of tea or if you are a workaholic, be sure you arrange to do some job. There might be some forgotten passion, like music, art, dance, traveling, etc. Draw a plan to pursue it in the coming years. A revitalised mind can take you miles before you sleep.

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