Online Relationship Counselling

Relationship is the dependency between / among the people in the social system. It’s patterned either by biological or social bounding.

Every individual, has different face of a relation with other’s and vice versa. People always reflect and expect the relationship by what they received from the individual who were those relation to them, thus it becomes utmost importance and concern of every one to always be true, compassionate, loving, caring for any relationship to build stronger positive future for the well being of mankind.

The pattern of relationship exhibited by the mankind is similar to the rotation of solar system, As the planet rotate themselves and round the sun – Every individual revolve around their relation and they are rounded by their relation as well enriching the other people life.

The specialty of the relationship is that, many relations for an individual exists and every relation has its own importance for making the personality of the individual. There can’t be replacement for any relationship, more so in the natural biological relationship, but the care of the relation can be extended by others but there remains always the cause and effect. The knowledge and acceptance of the absence may reduce the negative cause and effect towards the development of the personality.

The truthness in the relation will enrich and decorate the life of the people where as the loyalty at the extreme in one relation may hinder the other face of the relation of the individual. the balance becomes essential to exhibit and to receive strong relationship.

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feroz khan

Relationship - very beautiful thread decorates any one life what so the relationship may be... Sibling / Parents / Children / Husband - Wife / Friends / Colleague or even Acquaintance these makes us what We are in this society

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