Sibling Relationship Counselling

Families are units of a community that are never complete without children. Siblings are children born and brought up together in a single family. Try to recall your childhood, and amazingly you will find that siblings cover most part of the frames. All through our childhood, our days grow and fade with our brothers and sisters.

Though sisters and brothers are not personally chosen, we share a deep relationship with them. Since the age difference will not be much to think about, most of the siblings know each since birth and the relationship spans over a life-time. Even if in adulthood, they take different paths and travel far, they are emotionally attached to each other. The unique family history and a bundle of childhood memories tie them up even when miles apart.

Growing together is a blessing. The bossy, the talkative, the copycat, the submissive, the naughty – siblings come in various colours. It’s a cocktail of characters that quarrel in harmony! Playing, cleaning up the house, studying, eating – most of the work or activities are done together. These things teach lot life skills -sorting out the differences, compromising on the less needed things and most importantly adjusting. When kids learn to adjust, they could become good team players with good leadership qualities in the future.

The demerits of such a relationship depend purely on the individual personality. Some individuals are very particular about their personal space. Be it with their beds, clothes or parents’ love and attention. They may not willingly share and dislike any encroachments. Some children could be introverts who will not take part in any kind of conversation. With such children the siblings’ relationship may not take off initially or ever. Sometimes parents’ judgmental behavior can cause rifts. . Children once they sense partiality, they tend to drift apart. Mostly, any tension between siblings can be eased when left to themselves.

In adulthood, most of the differences, if any, just disappear. Lessons learnt in life clearly indicate that a sibling is a trustworthy friend and very much part of yours. Due to inherent qualities, sisters tend to care more for the brothers. It actually takes nothing but to give a call during weekends or special days. They also treat their nieces and nephews as their own children, keeping a track of their schooling, health, wishing them on birthdays, etc.

Siblings are like pocket dictionaries – very handy. We can always refer to them in times of need. Sometimes we do tend not to appreciate easily available help, but our siblings are indeed our friends at arm’s reach.

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