History tells us about the dedicated men contributing immensely to a particular field and in turn to humanity. Mary Curie’s books are still said to be giving out harmful radiations. Vivekananda’s speeches that keep inspiring are relevant even today. Dashrath Manjhi carved a mountain to make a roadway. No less, as human beings, all of us have goals and passions. It fuels our days and we wake up with a reason everyday. It is necessary to work and move ahead towards the goal. But some dwell in job alone and work relentlessly. They can shut themselves entirely from their family and themselves. This is being addicted to work when you see everything as related to work.

Other than the personal will to pursue a work, day and night, there can be few other reasons for work addiction. You work hard for praises or rewards at work and keep everyday goals for consistent performance. Sometimes you are not satisfied with the team’s performance. Instead of guiding and directing them towards the desired results, you take up the job to yourself entirely. Thus loading yourself with work that could have been distributed.

Getting a good job opportunity late in career also leads to work addiction. By then sometimes, most of your friends, college mates or ex-colleagues would have gained a lot of experience and would be doing extremely well in their fields. In the given circumstances, you are running short of time to prove your worth to the employer as well as family. Stress is also a factor here. When the mind is under depression due to various other reasons, work is treated as a hide-out place. You tend to feel safe as far as you are occupied with the monitor, files or other work tools.

Work addiction strains your personal relationships. Family and friends will not be able to interact enough with you. It is natural that they would like to see you happy more than successful and you should be fair enough to them. More hours at work can cause more depression. Reduced sleep and food, weakens the system and stress-related diseases await you.

There are not many ways to become normal. Calculate the hours that you put in at your work desk- the office, factory or farm -and lessen the time. This can be done over a month’s time to give you more space to think about the other things to do. Keep work place and home apart. Put up a picture of yourself with family at work place, just to remind you that your home is actually a few miles away. Realise that when you gave more time for work, your family or friends may have taken up your responsibilities at the home-front. Career for sure brings recognition and power, but cannot cook up a meal. Take pleasure in doing every kind of work and also take time out for yourself.

W H Davies rightly asks,

“What is this life, if full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.”

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