Retirement Counselling

Withdrawal from one’s job, to cease any regular time scheduled work is retirement. Whether one is prepared for a retired life or not, it always comes all of a sudden. The change in daily life does not change gradually. One day it will be there and the next day, gone. So welcome to your twilight years and take some effort to light it up colourfully. With ample time at hand, you can devote it to the family, the society at large and also for yourself.

All these years, getting ahead with a career, your knowledge and skill set may be vast but limited to your job alone. So you can learn something new. It can be an art, a language or learn to play an instrument or you can also sign up for a course to educate yourself about a new technology. As an experienced and skilled worker, you can also take part time jobs in nearby institutions to teach and part with your knowledge. Retirees have a lot of patience making them good teachers to guide today‘s youth.

Pensioners sometimes may not be interested in jobs, in which case volunteering for social causes can bring a lot of satisfaction. Importantly, one has to actively become part of a neighbourhood association or NGO and help the needy in schools, hospitals, libraries, etc. Restart your hobby, if you had any. Hobbies are works of personal interest done in spare time. Spare time is so sparse, so we compromise by giving up our hobbies. Even if there were none, take up something as simple as gardening or reading books.

Your hardwork has earned you name and money too. If necessary, take help from a financial advisor to invest your hard earned money wisely. At old age, well managed finances can help your family or yourself in needy times. Your family is the most deserving partners at all times. Now is the time to repay all their loyalty and devotion by spending money and time with them. Going on a vacation with family can help rewind and rediscover yourself.

A career-some life usually restricts the will to fly as one wished. So consider retirement as a boon to keep trying all that was fascinating and appealed to you the most. Finding a rhythm to life after retirement may not be possible always. ‘A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for’, so keep looking and keep going.

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