Online Premarital Counselling

The relationship nurtured before marriage is very commonly referred to as dating. It is generally the decision of two individuals who would like to find out the compatibility between them. This relationship need not necessarily involve the two families of the individuals.

Premarital relationship becomes essential when an individual does not believe in relationship that is conferred upon but that which is created along with a partner over a period of time.

Like marriage, this takes commitment, faithfulness and trust. In most of such relationship, the two people involved are from different families set apart. They have grown up in different environments including the society and the status, nurtured with varying principles and values. They have their own needs, so it is only difficult to see what they expect out of a relationship. A premarital relationship can help to explore the individuality, their dreams, their fears, their differences, and come to a better understanding.

Couples considering committing to one another in marriage may benefit from exploring their relationship issues. It is an opportunity to see how good the partnership can be and also what it lacks so that you can set yourselves up for a satisfying future together. You can learn to communicate better which helps in negotiating conflicts and resolve differences to strengthen the relationship.

When two individuals are all out to know each other, they can work towards lifting their relationship to the next level. Take a look into yourselves, to see how evolved are you after committing and how much it has helped the partnership. On such a mutual evaluation, not so two perfect people can make a perfect couple.

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Sri Rajeshwari N

I believe that though live in relation concepts are spoken much now a days, it's not in reality penetrated. It will not also because our tradition have greater impact in the child hood which gives as fear attached.

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