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Niyamita is an e- counseling experience center for individuals facing the social challenges. The challenges are of wide range and we have made an effort to cover the widely reported challenges based on today’s societal norms.


Addiction Addiction

Addiction is dependence, mostly on a substance or activity. Addictions occupy most of the time of an addict’s day disrupting normal personal and social life.

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Addiction Bereavement

Though we live in large communities, each individual has a life of his own, while accommodating a little of everyone around him- family and friends.

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Addiction Career

The job path of a person that meanders through his work, various positions held, the growth – both professional and personal and the achievements comprise a career.

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Addiction Divorce

Marriages may be decided individually or by families with a series of customs to legally acknowledge the relationship of man and woman.

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Addiction Marriage

Man, celebrates moments in all walks of life. And a wedding calls for nothing short of a fulfilling and a colourful celebration.

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Addiction Others

William Strode, a 17 th century English poet defines life in his poem. He thinks - Life is a play of passion with our laughter and joy for music;

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Social Engineering in H.R. Perspective

Advancement of technology has its impact in the operational excellence across all industries.Digitalisation and Artificial intelligence are taking dominance in every business and service delivery.

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