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The job path of a person that meanders through his work, various positions held, the growth – both professional and personal and the achievements comprise a career.

Life seems so unfair at times. after all the carefree years of academic training one is suddenly expected to grow into an adult with a job, to build a career strong enough to kick start your dreams and secure a place in future. There isn’t time to hesitate, but to take charge.

It is wise to make a career of your choice. But mostly, the line of work is chosen by parents or guardians, well before a personality takes form. Today’s generation is in a highly competitive world, choosing and having a career plan in hand before entering college seems necessary. Picking up a career in a well-defined path or to take off on a less travelled path depends on your courage.

Career plans may also arise from a person you idolize. As kids we see our parents as super humans performing huge tasks with a lot of ease. Taking up an exactly same career or branching out with just a hint from them proves very rewarding. Sometimes career plans can be picked from field trips, when you travel to explore other people at work or when you walk through production units.

Whatever plans are finding acceptance in your mind, speak them out to your parents or other elders. Their experience can plot down the pros and cons which can be used for your decision. Learn in about the requirements of the work, so that you can obtain the skills alongside your academic training.

As you kick start your career, you may or may not be associated with it for a life time. But be a part of it everyday. Being positive in all aspects -attitudes, habits and even words are vital. Negative energy can blind people from your talents and skills. Nobody will appreciate a good assignment laced with arrogance. Documentation of work on a regular basis, helps in a quick review of work and also plan further. A little imagination can work wonders at time. All bugs cannot be handled technically, a simple answer can be got at home or the gym or even in the streets.

Once in a job, it is important to make your career work. Have a goal, always. It may be for today or for the next ten days or for ten years. Goals always propel your thoughts and actions. See the possibilities of achieving them and work to the finish.

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