Extramarital Relationship Counselling

A romantic or sexual affair with a person other than the spouse is an extramarital relationship. It finds a place outside marriage, hence illicit and immoral.

A lawfully wedded couple are respected in society. The aura it comes with is so magnificent, that many parents get their children wedded for the social status it brings with it, which only escalates over a period of time as they become parents and lead a family.

Apart from this, basically a husband and wife relationship is a very sexually and romantically linked one. Romance finds very little place in today’s hectic world. Sex is considered to be a physical aspect and so it is only natural for people to think, that is not worth worrying about. It is far from accepting but the necessity is equal with man and woman. When these two fade out, extramarital affairs play in.

Men are people of lesser words, who mostly like to reflect within themselves. An over-possessive wife, who demands everything to be told, may only ask for the unwanted to happen. Sometimes the demand at home from children or at work may cause the couple to distance themselves unknowingly. Such circumstances give a lot of space for a third person to enter the relationship.

In a relationship outside marriage, there is no conscience involved. Failing one’s spouse can be hard. To keep away the other person from the first family is stressful. A lot of pretending and cheating only leads to guilty feelings and dissatisfaction at many levels. What starts as an alternative, as a vent, as a quick supply of vigour turns out to actually drain a person, emotionally.

A husband and wife relationship is considered to be the very first bonding between man and woman. Marriage is a symbol of our civilization. It is only appropriate to stand by it than to give upon it.

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