Balancing Work Life Counselling

Juggling between career and family is quite an art. At home, one is loved and cared for no matter what. At work, one is appraised by the amount of work done. Yet man at times, strives to work hard for his organization, compromising his personal life. A well managed work schedule with adequate time-slots for personal life can give a good work life balance.

There cannot be a definite program for balancing work and home and not surely the same one for everybody. Lifestyles, individuals, social backdrop, nature of work, family’s demand- all differ and priorities change over time; sometimes what is less important in singlehood, may become your focal point when you are married or with the arrival of children. Happiness of your family is what you need to keep intact. It’s a tight rope walk, agree, but for the sake of the people involved in it, it is worth a try.

Happiness covers all that gives you satisfaction and peace. Chart down all things you would like to do; it can include personal activities or with family and friends; it can be a simple work of cleaning the aquarium at home or a day long clean-up activity of a public place; or sports related or a travel. All things consume a considerable amount of time. Since work schedules come under the management of organisations, it is mostly fixed. So build your personal time schedules around them and also well ahead to avoid any clash of programmes.

Even as you write down your upcoming dates or appointments, you realize there isn’t much time actually left. Technology has shrunk the globe and us alike. If you are a person to find happiness in a hand held display screen, it is time for gadget-management. Reduce and restrict, especially at work. Reduce the time spent on browsing, personal calls, and chats and restrict yourself to fewer social media sites. You are sure to find the hidden time!

Home and office are like our mind and body. Paying attention to one alone and to ignore the calls of the other will deprive us of a happy experience called life. We need to take care of both without a compromise for a fulfilling satisfied journey.

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