Addiction Counselling

Addiction is dependence, mostly on a substance or activity. Addictions occupy most of the time of an addict’s day disrupting normal personal and social life. At times what starts as a habit overtakes life’s priorities and becomes the only reason for living.

Causes for addiction cannot be tabled as it may vary for every individual. The rich, the talented, the highly educated – addiction prevails everywhere. In the Indian epic, Mahabharatam, Yudhistran, the noblest of all the characters loses his all and everything in a game. His enemies knew that as a warrior he will take up any challenge thrown at him. But what worked here for them was his weakness for the game of dice.

Of the addictions, substance abuse poses serious danger to life and society. Since there are no severe laws in India, drug traffickers almost have an easy day. Police department is not equipped enough to handle any user. Alcohol consumption is not a crime, unless it is DUI or casualties reported due to consumption of illicit alcohol. With these state of affairs, a healthy society free from addictions comes down to an individual’s responsibility, especially the youth.

There are too many good things to do, see and experience in this world. Men have braved through flaring fire, blizzards and rough seas to live their dreams. One need not be adventurous, but atleast take time to see the beauty in life – at home or at work. As time flies by, one may even think that aspirations may never fit in a lifetime!

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Mohammed Yaseen

A great piece of advice to overcome with bad addiction

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Sri Rajeshwari N


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Kishore Kumar M

When we make the drinkers embracing, the culture of consuming liquour will stop and we can save our next generation.

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Aadharsha K

Drinking you are speaking, what about Smoking? The more worst is smoking, I really do not understand why and what makes them to smoke.... educated and intellectuals who knows what is what about life and cigarets too are smoking.

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