Shopping Counselling

The very thought of this word, brings in a gush of happiness for some. Shopping is a word collectively used for browsing through shops, comparing the brands –the product and the prices, and ofcourse buying one. It is also a word conveniently used to escape loneliness at times, mostly by women. Women also shop to relieve themselves of stress. Shopping does give a bit of benefit. Going out and walking some distance is always good for health. We are satisfied buying for our family or friends. The goodness or the beauty in our purchased item gives joy.

But when shopping becomes compulsive irrespective of your current financial status, it becomes an addiction. It is sometimes a grave addiction, that people affected are often termed as shopaholics. Some may find it difficult to stay away from shopping even for a week or a few days. Some keep shopping until they find the best brand or option. And some shop just because it is on a sale. In such cases many items purchased will remain unused and so a waste. While some shop to own some of the costliest or most attractive to show off to friends and family. And there are collectors who will not be satisfied with one piece. They keep buying to own all the colours and sizes of a particular piece.

Shopping involves money foremostly. As you keep buying aimlessly, your savings will dry up too. You may borrow money or keep the credit card bills pending. To keep your family out of this financial mess, you tend to hide your purchases. What starts as a harmless time pass, now finds you in a trap. At times, you will be very eager to help your friends in their shopping. This may not need money but time. You may end up on compromising your family’s time.

Shopping and women have become synonymous over time. But seeing the larger picture, it is true that men also have been addicted to shopping lately. Gadgets are everywhere and e-commerce is at its best now. You can buy almost anything at your own convenience. It has been targeted mainly at men, who find it easier to scroll the mouse than to visit shops.

Shopping does not have any serious physical effect, and it can be ignored whilst all is well. But mostly, when addiction sets in, the mind fails to recognise it. If you have been lying to your family about your spending, it is about time to give up shopping. Avoid using credit cards. Make a list of things you need to buy before going out. While buying gifts, decide wisely. Buy only if necessary and don’t go by advertisements or discount sales. They are just to lure undecided buyers. If you want to go for window shopping, remember to leave your purse back home.

Keep shopping as a necessity. Become a wise consumer.

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feroz khan

How many e-commerce site comes, the thirst of shopping in Sarojini Market at delhi or T.Nagar Street experience cant be replaced.... Go away Corona... Give our life style back

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Aadharsha K

In my view shopping addiction results only in window shopping after the money with you is over.

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