Marriages may be decided individually or by families with a series of customs to legally acknowledge the relationship of man and woman. At times, they decide to part ways for the betterment of their individual lives. The dissolution of a marriage goes through a series of legal procedures culminating in divorce. There is no pomp and glitter here. With traces of sadness and fear of the future, divorce is a painful experience. Things can get more complicated with young children involved.

Marriages are not only the celebrations of a day. It is a series of responsibilities that uncover in the future. Couples entering wedlock may overlook the reality of life, sadly breaking relationships. During the initial days of marriage, unfortunately sometimes, the ‘me’ in a person may overpower the love for spouse or the responsibilities towards family. A relationship grows when enough space is given for individual emotions and aspirations. With self-esteem in danger, it may not be worth to take it any further giving way to separation.

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