Though we live in large communities, each individual has a life of his own, while accommodating a little of everyone around him- family and friends. In a family, each one plays a role in the other’s life. With healthy interactions round the clock, a day can never pass by without smiles, pats or even frowns and whacks. At this juncture, the death of a dear one leads to unbearable loss. It is a painful path that none wants to tread.

Loss of an important person of your life disrupts almost all your functioning. It is devastating to be left to face the challenges all by yourself. Sorrow weakens body and the mind. Grieving a death is the only way to give vent for your emotions and settle down deep depressions. Bereavement is not a sign of the weak. It is a way, the mind stabilises the body and itself to pick up from where it stopped and move ahead.

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