Consuming alcoholic drinks is a long living tradition in most parts of the world. Wine, beer, lagers, spirits like vodka and rum have been a part of man’s life since time immemorial. Alcohol is ethanol that is produced by fermentation. When yeast breaks down sugar, ethanol is produced. It can be produced from many grains, fruits and vegetables. This differs with the availability of the food crop in a place. Even today, though drinks are available in stores, many households prepare wine at home as a part their tradition including offering for God, daily diet or as a medicine.

Food that we take in is converted to energy that is burned by us. If we don’t exercise, it is stored as fat. Whereas ethanol can be diluted by body fluids or food; it cannot be stored but only excreted. The liver does the work of breaking it down to water and carbon-dioxide. Alcohol is a depressant that enters directly into the central nervous system and slows down your physical activities at first. The brain cannot react to the senses, so your speech and vision is blurred and your physical movements become unsteady. The area of self-control is affected, and man becomes more excited and more vocal than usual.

All turns out well only as far as your body can handle it. The brain controls almost all the activities of the body. With alcohol, when its function is interrupted it tries to nullify the effect of alcohol. So now, the usual amount of drinks is insufficient to take to an inebriated state. It is the time to give up drinking. But mostly man fails to recognize the efforts of the brain resulting in drinking more or trying other alcoholic drinks.

A simple alcoholic beverage –sounds too small and little. But when addiction takes over, the five senses are affected badly. Vision is blurred, speech is altered and hearing becomes difficult. Muscles are weakened, affecting the strength and movements of hands and legs. Memory and thought is weakened too making it impossible to make any sensible decision.

With alcoholism, man not only fails to care for his health but also destroys happiness. Our society still runs in the family model. Parents and children live together for most of their lives depending on each other. So when one of them ignores family welfare, its integrity is in danger. The children, especially kids and young adults go astray. You may also turn to violent behaviour at work or at public places, which may be unlawful. Friends and relatives will abandon and can rarely be of any help, as it involves a lot of compassion and patience to handle an addict.

Helping yourself to overpower your urge to drink may be difficult. But then congratulate yourself, as you are in the first step towards recovering. Try to list out the triggers that lead you to a drink. It can be a party, the sound of glasses, a friend’s call to gather in a pub- it can be anything. Avoid them blatantly. Avoid hanging out with people who drink regularly. Don’t mind if they think you are a coward to avoid alcohol. Most importantly, take your family’s support. They only wish for your good health, and will be ready to part with anything for it. You are their pride and never live anything short of it.

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